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Civility Speakers Bureau
Welcome to the Civility Speakers Bureau where you can find professional speakers, keynote presenters, workshop facilitators and workplace trainers who specialize in civility and related topics and content. The Civility Speakers Bureau is a registry of speakers representing countries around the globe including: 
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  • Malaysia
  • Australia
  • Dubai
  • China
  • Mexico
  • India
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Lebanon
  • Hong Kong
Professionals who are listed with the registry are available to deliver training presentations for organizations or workplaces at retreats, conferences, conventions, trade shows, meetings, special events, fundraisers, as well as in classroom or training settings.  Some speakers on the registry also offer one-on-one consultations, needs assessments or customized curriculum development. 
If you are looking for a speaker or presenter but don’t have time to find one on your own, and would like the convenience of having someone make the arrangements on your behalf, Civility Speakers Bureau booking agents are available to assist you. 

The Civility Speakers Bureau uses a Flat Fee Rate System: When you book through the Civility Speakers Bureau, you will be charged a flat fee presentation rate of $2450.00 CDN per half day and/or $4550.00 CDN for a full-day regardless of which speaker you choose. This fee includes applicable content customization, incidentals and ground transportation, and meals. You will be billed for return flight and accommodation for the speaker if required and so to save on those costs to you, our booking agents will help you find the most suitable presenter in your area.
Let Us Book A Speaker For You
When you book a full-day session through the Civility Experts booking agents, you will receive 24/7 access for up to 100 employees to MannersTV- 38 MP3 downloadable Online Business and Social Etiquette lessons.  A nominal fee applies for access by larger groups, please inquire.
Book A Speaker On Your Own
If you prefer to book a speaker or presenter yourself, negotiate fees, and/or make arrangements independent of Civility Speakers Bureau, please browse through the categories listed above and find a speaker – then either visit their webpage or contact them directly to inquire about their products and services.  Or you may contact us directly to help you!
When you book independent of Civility Speakers Bureau, all negotiations, payments, and arrangements will be conducted independent of Civility Speakers Bureau and Civility Speakers Bureau is not responsible in whole or in part for the delivery of services or outcomes, payments, etc. which may be negotiated between you and the presenter/speaker you choose. 

Are You A Speaker Or Trainer
If you are a speaker or presenter with a minimum of 5 years experience speaking or training in one of the categories listed below, you are welcome to submit the attached application to be listed on the registry. Thank you. 
The Civility Speakers Bureau accepts speakers/presenters/authors in the following subject matter areas: 

Civility/Workplace Standards/Cultural Competence/Change
Communication/Confidence/Conflict Management
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